Cement & TMT in bulk

Why S.A. Enterprises

This is the privacy policy for S.A. Enterprises and it describes the information that we are going to gather, how that information is going to be shared and what we are actively doing to protect all of your information that is given to us through the website www.nontradematerial.com. Everyone deserves to know what is going to happen to their information and this is everything that we are doing to protect it and keep it safe.

Continuing usage of this website indicates that you have agreed to our privacy policy. Our privacy policy was updated last on December 6th 2013. If there are any complains or questions regarding our practices or privacy policy please feel free to contact us with your suggestions at the following phone number +91-8505898563 or through email by writing to us at info@nontradematerial.com. We will revert back to you concerning any issues as soon as we possibly can.

Advance Payment, No Credit

The platform that we have created is designed in order to facilitate trading on basis of advance payment, which means that you need to make the payment directly to the account of the sellers account. The obligation to make the payment needs to be completed and taken care of by the buyer before the seller would dispatch any of the ordered good from the premise.

If the payment isn’t received within a timely manner, then the seller is not obligated to proceed with the shipment of the goods. It is the full responsibility of the seller to make sure that the buyer has all of the required bank information to process the transfer. The seller should also ensure that the payment is sent before any supplies are sent to the buyer and that is their responsibility.

Fully Transparent, But Secret

Our commissions and charges are fully transparent and the credentials for your trade, such as quantity rate and much more are kept completely secret. We will never publish any information about what rate you purchased or sold any order at. We know that keeping your information secret and private is critical, which is why we make sure that all of the information is kept as safe as possible. The information that is given to us is kept secret and we never let our competition or anyone else know what rates and other details were part of any deals that were done or facilitated using our website.