Saria available in Punjab

Payment Policy


Our payment policy gives the buyer and sellers a secure marketplace to conduct their business. S.A.Enterprises has put in place the facility of an upfront Refundable Commitment fee. The guidelines and policy relating to the commitment fee is given as below.

Commitment Fee:

The Commitment fee is applicable on all bulk trade being conducted through S.A.Enterprises and is to be deposited in the S.A.Enterprises account.
The Buyer’s obligation towards the commitment fee shall be created after he has completed the creation of enquiry and has received the material.
The Commitment fee taken from the buyers shall be refunded, in full, to them in the following scenarios.

To Buyers

Commitment fee is full refundable if you received total material with S.A.Enterprises within 1 month.If you cancel order then your commitment fee will forfit.

Facilitation Fee:

Our Facilitation Fee is not refundable in any manner.