KVS POWERCON TMT BARS are portrayed by higher UTS/YS proportion because of which they are equipped for engrossing more vitality whenever stacked past yield indicate due unexpected stacking as experienced during a quake.

KVS POWERCON TMT BARS show least Elongation with ensured UTS/YS proportion according to BIS. This empowers the material to withstand abrupt burden assimilation limit, which is experienced during seismic tremor, violent winds, torrents and so forth in this manner giving higher security.

KVS POWERCON TMT BARS are in full congruity with IS : 1786:2008 Grade Fe 415/415D, Fe500/500D and Fe 550/550D particulars.

For Tougher Ductility

Flexibility is a property which aides in lengthening of TMT Bar and keeps it from snapping unexpectedly. KVS POWERCON TMT Bars have the uncommon blend of high quality with flexibility. Lengthening alongside its Yield pressure/Proof Strees [Uy] of a steel rebar assumes a noteworthy job in its pliability. Extension of a Steel TMT Bar alludes to capacity to lengthen before disappointment. It is an extreme pressure/distortion [Um] at crack. Yield pressure relates to the Yield Strength [Fy] : which is greatest burden that a component can attempt. UTS or Ultimate Tensile Strength characterized as extreme pressure a material can withstand, characterizes the malleability for the material. Studies demonstrate a higher rigidity in TMT Bars bring about less utilization of steel.

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