How S.A.Enterprises Works


Posting Enquiries

When there is an interested buyer for purchasing material we should be contacted at  9555450997 and the requirement should be confirmed at the time of the phone call. We would ask some questions during this time, including what are your exact requirements and when you would need them to be delivered by.

Negotiation with Seller

S.A. Enterprises requires 30 minutes from the time of notification regarding the supply requirements in order to confirm the rates with the seller. This is part of the facilitation process and would require a fee to be paid to our account after our part of the work has been completed and before delivery can be made of any products.

Documents Required

The seller would then be required to send the necessary documents to S.A. Enterprises and complete the payment for the commitment fee. Once this is done, then a wait of 3 to 4 working days is required for our code opening process to be completed. We will let you know what other documents are required and what information you would need to complete the process, including all bank related details. 

Buyer Payment Obligation

After the code opening the buyer would need to complete their payment obligation in the given cement company account and then the facilitation charges should be sent to the account of S. A. Enterprises. It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure that the payment is successfully received in the required bank accounts before any delivery is processed and sent to the seller.

Goods Delivery

The goods would be delivered to the address of the buyer 3 to 4 days after the full and complete payment has been made. This would be done only after the funds have been transferred and received