Difference between Non Trade Cement and Trade Cement

Cement in bulk

Difference between Non Trade Cement and Trade Cement

What is Cement?

Cement is a binding material called binding agent. We realize concrete is a fundamental element of building materials.

Concrete is a usually utilized restricting material in the development. The concrete is gotten by consuming a blend of calcarious (calcium) and argillaceous (earth) material at an extremely high temperature and afterward granulating the clinker so created to a fine powder. It was first created by an artisan Joseph Aspdin in England in 1924. He licensed it as Portland bond.

Cement Marketing are two types:

Trade Cement marketing
Non-Trade Cement Marketing

What is Trade Cement?

Trade cement is sold by the manufacture to the dealers and distributors , who in turn sell to the consumers.
Cement dealer, buy directly from cement company and sell also do retail sale from his shop.The dealer is incentive’s to sell the product.
Trade cement are costly than non trade cement . All taxes to be paid at the time of delivery while in non trade cement taxes can paid in any month of financial year.
Selling Price involves share of dealers , retailers etc.
Trade Cement BAG

What is Non-Trade Cement?

Cement sold to direct customer like a construction company for self consumption (their project use), not to be resold to a third party falls under Non- Trade Category.
on Non-Trade cement bag written (Not for retail sale)Its Mean this type of cement bags is coming direct from plant.

Non-trade cement is that which sell by the manufacturer directly to the consumer (Builder, Contractor or and Institution involve in any project, NGO or Government). The dealer bypass.
Non-trade cements do not have heavy overheads and are cheaper as compared to trade cements. Consumers such as realtors, contractors, etc., purchase in bulk from the manufacturer.
In non trade the company can directly dispatch material from its factory to the destination of buyer without any doubt of middle men meddling with the product.

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