OPC Cement Vs PPC Cement

OPC Cement vs PPC Cement


OPC and PPC Cement are most generally utilized. Presently a days PPC is utilized as a substitution to OPC. Thus, the most confounding thing is the means by which to settle on the right decision. There is no compelling reason to indiscriminately pursue the pattern. Knowing their properties, suggested utilizes, money saving advantages, and so on will give you a superior thought regarding which concrete ought to be utilized and where it ought to be utilized.

General It is the most widely recognized bond utilized on the planet for the most part in view of the wealth and minimal effort to create it. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a variety of OPC which incorporates a blend of a pozzolanic material which is known to build the quality of cement and decrease the measure of OPC utilized.
OPC is created just by pounding limestone and optional materialsto a powder. Presently multi day It is being utilized as a substitution to OPC as it is known to satisfy green structure criteria and subsequently helps in economical improvement.
Anyway producers now daily don't fabricate OPC and have changed to PPC.
Identification on Site The IS mark on this cement is BLACK in colour The IS mark on this cement is RED in colour.
Raw Material Calcareous (material containing lime). Pozzolanic material.
Argillaceous (material containing silica and alumina). Gypsum
Gypsum. Pozzolanic material.
All these materials are mixed in a fixed proportion, are heated in kilns and to form clinkers which are than grinded to required fineness to obtain this cement. All these materials are both mixed and grinded together or separately grinded and then mixed to obtain the cement.
Advantages Its setting time is not exactly PPC so it is prescribed in undertakings where props are to be expelled early. Its setting time is more than OPC.
It is anything but difficult to deal with when contrasted with PPC It is hard to deal with because of its high fineness.
Its underlying quality is higher than PPC. Its Initial quality is lower than OPC. Consequently props can't be expelled early.
Its restoring period is not exactly PPC. Subsequently relieving expense lessens, thus suggested where restoring cost are restrictive. Its relieving period is somewhat higher than OPC.
Types/Grades The different grades of OPC cement available in India are: No specific grades of this cement are available like OPC.
OPC 33 Grade It is classified into different types depending on the type of Pozzolanic material used; The different pozzolanic materials used are:
OPC 43 Grade Fly ash
OPC 53 Grade Rice Husk ash
Volcanic tuffs and Pumicites
Clay & Shale
Manufacturers Ultratech Cement Ambuja Cement
Shree Cement Ultratech Cement
ACC Jaypee Cement
Ramco Cements ACC
Prism Cement Prism Cement
Dalmia Cement Dalmia Cement
JK Laxmi Cement JK Laxmi Cement
Orient Cement Orient Cement
Birla Corp Birla Corp