Jk Lakshmi Cement

JK Lakshmi Cement PPC (Blended) has a base ensured quality of 48 MPa, and is utilized for basic applications that require the greatest dimension of solidarity and sturdiness.

A couple of utilizations of JK Lakshmi Cement PPC (Blended) are:

A wide range of R.C.C. Work


Underground structures


Substantial apparatus establishments

Marine structures

Hydropower stations


Common Portland Cement (OPC) is a standout amongst the most well known structure materials utilized the whole way across the globe. There is an intriguing story behind the naming of this generally utilized concrete item. The name ‘Portland’ was given by the British bond maker, Joseph Aspdin in 1824, because of its solid likeness to Portland Stone, a kind of white dim limestone found in the isle of Portland, Dorset in England. Joseph Aspdin is likewise credited to have protected the primary genuine counterfeit concrete, which he named as the Portland bond.


JK Lakshmi’s 43 Grade O.P.C., another top notch item from JK Lakshmi’s honor winning assembling office at Sirohi, Rajasthan.

A few uses of JK Lakshmi’s 43 Grade O.P.C. are:

Business Buildings

Mechanical Constructions

Multi-storeyed buildings

Bond solid streets

Hard core Floors

Calculation of Commission Fee

The commission fees are calculated based on the invoiced value of the order and commission rate applicable as per the seller’s membership type:

Commission Fees = Invoiced value of the order * applicable commission rate


S. NoProduct CategoryReference PriceCategory %Base Commission %
1CementRs. 300 Per bag1.0Rs. 3 Per Bag Plus GST

Types of Non Trade Cement available on S.A.Enterprises

S.A.Enterprises is a flexible platform on which a buyer can input his own specifications of cement to be procured by them. For Ease of Business, the following options are presently added, Other than choosing the broad category of cement, the buyer can input other quality specifications such as Grade ,Color and purpose of use, Non Trade etc.

Region For Non Trade Cement available on S.A.Enterprises

NCR, Haryana, Delhi